photo restoration

Bring old photos back to life.

Found some photo’s from your Family History that need a touch up? We specialise in fixing cracks or tears in your images. Maybe you would like someone added or removed from the group setting. 

Photos that have been water damaged can be restored back to near original condition. We can even add colour back into a faded colour or black and white images. We can help by scanning your images and restoring them back to life.

Please visit us at 416 Banna Ave Griffith or call us on 02 69642689.

Photo Restoration Services


  • Photographs cropped, straightened, enlarged and reduced
  • Tonal Balance restored and altered
  • Cracks and tears restored
  • Exposure correction
  • Backgrounds replaced or enhanced
  • People or objects added, removed or relocated
  • Special Effects including B&W to Colour, Colour to B&W
  • Cosmetic alterations including blemishes removed and physical enhancements

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